Q&A: Episode 1

Officially launching next week!

SERVE members please check your inbox for the private chat link.

My first episode was a success! This was a trial run for the monthly live video Q&A that I will have with SERVE members. Special thanks to Sub A who tested this out with me.

Questions asked were:

What is the nature of engagement that you seek/demand from distant submissives who may not always be able to serve in person?

How often do you interact with your most loyal ones, and how intimately do you control/own aspects of their lives?

What kind of ownership do you enjoy most?

What kind of gifts are an absolute delight to receive from your submissives?

Feet/eyes/bottom – what do you enjoy your boys obsessing most over?

Black/white/red – what is your color of choice when dressing to kill?

What is The One Kink that makes you absolutely love doing this?

Where do you draw the line when it comes to submissives doing things as part of servitude? For eg. say a guy gets a vasectomy for you

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