“It felt SO RIGHT”, Z’s First Session

Dear Mistress

Thank You SO MUCH for fulfilling my 8 to 9 years dream ever since I discovered Femdom. Usually it was always just fantasy and so much desire, yet part of me still reserved an extremely small part of doubt if I truly am submissive to feminine power. And as You know, I have had all sorts of horrible experiences but I am really very glad that I held on, unrelenting, which allowed me the godsent opportunity to meet and get to serve Mistress. I am certain that Femdom is definitely an incredible lifestyle and one that feels so natural to me, surprisingly (or maybe not).

After today’s session, the minute I walked out of the hotel room, as Mistress shut the door, it was a maelstrom of emotions; ecstatic and even a transcendence of sorts where I really opened my eyes and also very literally, other parts of my body which I am so ever grateful for to Mistress, allowing me to be more aware about myself; physically and mentally. Yet, there was also indescribable sense of “loss”. Time spent with Mistress albeit the duration, felt so surreal and possessed this “magical” effect; it just felt SO RIGHT to follow exactly what She commanded, where She pulled the leash. I felt SUCH serenity I had NEVER ever experienced in my life.

Mistress is beyond amazing, I honestly have no words. I don’t know how She does it, but EVERY gaze, every little tap and action slowly but surely pulls you in deeper into an abyss of complete yet all so SWEET surrender and safety, absolutely knowing somehow that no matter what happens, Mistress is there for you. THAT feeling, now THAT is priceless for sure.

Honestly, all I could think of was whether I should speak or just stay silent because I just wanted to make Mistress pleased no matter what. It was such power and control over me that the natural male instinct of always wanting an orgasm didn’t come over me at all, even I myself was so taken aback. I was just revelling in the moment and most importantly, everything was about Her. Nothing else mattered in that space and time, only Mistress Eva and Her desires mattered.

As all good things, they never last and before I realised what was going on, Mistress told me I have been a very well-behaved and fun plaything which were the only words that mattered and it felt like the highest accolade ever. When She told me to change back into my clothes, my mind then snapped back to “normal” and that it was over, all of it; the space of safety and complete surrender, every caress and the sensual voice that made me absolutely helpless with no resistance, where I felt serving Her was the only natural thing to do.

Afterwards, Mistress told me to take a seat, on the floor of course, and we had a little chat. I was still unsure if I could speak freely but Her demeanour told me that I was allowed to. I still cannot express how thankful and glad I am to have had this privilege to serve Mistress Eva, She cared for my future plans in the scene, so much that She introduced me to possible events in my country and the kicker was the fact that She actually allowed me to say that She recommended me, if I ever session with any of the Dominants in my country! I am SPEECHLESS and over the moon!

Before I conclude, I just want to say a huge Thank You to Mistress because I am 100% sure that I want to continue exploring and discovering more about Femdom and myself as a submissive as well as the scene in my country. I forgot to add on that, whatever preparation you think you may have had before meeting Mistress, Your so-called guard or “control” is utterly useless before Mistress because I was most definitely caught off-guard by Her sensual dominating ways that just makes you crave for more. Try as you may, but it will all be in vain before Mistress Eva. After today, I realised and had it etched in my mind and body that the only place with Her is by Her feet, below Her and submit to Mistress’s power and control in all its glory.

Once again, really sorry for typing such long messages again, it’s just that ALL of my feelings and thoughts, even physical feelings are gushing out and I could not really contain it. My ass is still sore and hurting as we speak and the primal and carnal feeling of having Mistress’s toes in my mouth, pushed forcefully all the way to the back of my throat is still “haunting” me, in a really arousing and erotic way. I discovered I love feet worship from today too, thank You very much for this wonderful first session ever in my life. Hopefully, much more to come in my life!

Yours sincerely
Plaything Z

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