‘One of the most amazing days of my life’

Mistress Review Hong Kong

pet j was My March winner (the member who had the most points gained on youwillpleaseme.com that month). This meant that he received the privilege of a complimentary social session with Me. Little did he know that this would turn into a full day of dining, connecting, shopping and …deepening… pet j was rewarded for doing everything so well. First, he quietly joined My slave training members site; then, he followed every task inside authentically and generously. One of these tasks included requesting My time in session. you will see that he gets that and so much more.¬†Thank you for a beautiful day pet j.

my Dearest Mistress,

this has been a long time coming, but i keep reflecting on O/our time together and wanted to write when ready. And i enjoy replaying O/our time over and over again. i hope i am ready to write.

Where do i start? With thank You? With thank You on bended knees? With thank You, naked on bended knees prostrate before You? Any and all that You would command.

The night before O/our meeting was filled with both anticipation and anxiety. At Your suggestion, i attended the DomCon play party and glad i did. From my perspective, it was wonderful, there were many outstanding Dommes, but none that could possibly distract me from my yet to be assigned tasks of the next day. i returned to my room to sleep and prepare as best as possible for my service to You.

i cannot put into words the wave of excitement and submission that washed over me when i saw You from the registration line, perched on the table, garbed in the leggy black dress, slides showing off Your amazing pedi – Your toes beckoning me…

While i watched from across the room, Your mani seductively fingered the keyboard of Your phone, Your red lips, gorgeous smile seduced any man around. i wanted to slither over and worship You on the spot, but fought every urge. When i finally worked up the courage to approach, You graciously offered a lowered hand for me to kiss. i hope my peck was adequately respectful.

What ensued was one of the most amazing days of my life. Despite the long drive, i was ecstatic to be able to nourish You and support Your vegan lifestyle. Given the responsibility of ordering, i hope my choices satisfied You. In the future, i want the chance to nourish You with my own cooking skills, as meagre as they might be; i will be working assiduously to make that happen at some future session.

Back to the day at hand, to be able to accompany You throughout the DomCon: shopping for You, dressing You, photographing You and attending Your needs was so much fun. i may be the luckiest pet EVER! What a gift, Goddess! Thank You.

After i was allowed to return to O/our play space and prepare for O/our session, i was able to compose, both Your thank You and my energy. When You returned and i became Your sole focus, my life changed…for the better. Your are an amazing force.

The details of O/our time will always be personal for me, but You may share as You deem worthy. Prior to meeting You, Your intelligence and beauty were obvious, undeniable and commanding. What surprised me most once i met You, is how sweet and caring You are. What drove me further to submit, to give of myself, was Your coaxing, “will you be My good boy” “will you do it for Me”…Yes, Goddess. Yes, Goddess, i want to be Your good boy; i will always do it for You!! The hypnotic lilt to Your voice will always bring me to submission.

As i told You, to be Your March winner, to be before You, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Your response was, perhaps, the sweetest thing i have ever heard, “pet, the world is not that big”… and so i believe, i hope and yearn that last weekend was not my one and only time to crawl before You in worship. Not my only time to feel Your energy in its many forms, not my only time to gaze upon Your beautiful visage…please, Goddess, please tell me i may – may have the chance to present myself in service to You.

Forever Your pet, Your plaything and Your submissive


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