“Intoxicating… I had no choice”

Mistress review Hong Kong Domme

I met Plaything P in 2012 and we have floated in and out of each others lives over the years. The last hiatus was when I went into ‘retirement’, but as soon as I got out – he was one of the first to find me again.

I am glad that he did… As you will read – there is something special that happens when I get my hands on him. He opens up and digs into things he never could have imagined… Plus, he’s just a beautiful world of gorgeously nasty fun.

By Plaything P

“There it is again, that feeling in my stomach. Same as the first time I met you. Nervousness mixed with a slight adolescent sickness you get when you know that the naughtiness you have embarked on could get you into a whole world of trouble..

I remember the first time we met, I spent ages trying to find a suitable partner to explore with and after reading your bio, I was set. Even sharing with you via text was exhilarating, then coming to find you at that crazy dark apartment.. somewhere between Patrick Bateman’s city apartment meets Hannibal’s interior decorator..

I remember coming up in the elevator after not being able to find the place and worrying I was late. I was flustered and hot in the Sydney heat. I had been more open with you in my text messages than I’d been with any one in a real world situation so I was super nervous knocking on your door. I felt that in a sense I was already naked as I’d told you my inner secrets.

Interests are interesting in that they evolve over time, whilst I had explored with one partner in London, It was only a beginning so when we met i hadn’t shared these or experience them so was very fresh.

I think guys are very much driven by the last thing they see and so I had already built a scenario in my head around your bio..but you were not as open with your face on the pictures then so I hoped you were more Asian than western.

So knocking on the door seemed like an eternity and I heard you walking to the door. That last moment before the meeting where butterflies and expectations meet in a lump in your throat was so intense.

You opened the door, but the darkness of the room and the way you opened the door whilst walking back into the room meant you were shielded from view.

But then I saw you, in your magnificent glowing beauty. I’m rarely stuck for words but I felt like a kid at an interview, swallowing and fumbling my words.

And then you spoke, cut glass English.. and you managed to relax me and our scene started to play out.

Whilst my texts had been a hurried list of ‘the best of’ and ‘bdsms greatest hits’ what unfolded was a super nice interaction. From what you were wearing, stockings and suspenders, heels (your avatar) you guided me through my fantasies and explored with me.

From smelling your scent on your underwear, to worshiping you from behind. You built me up to a point where I couldn’t take it.

The next sequence of events are pretty hazy.

But I remember both you taking delight in feeding me.. and when we went to the shower room for the final golden shower..it left me hungry for more.

We then chatted about lots of different things and when we parted company I remembered thinking what an incredible woman.

So you were on my mind quite often in the time after I left Sydney and I frequently looked you up to remember that afternoon.

Meanwhile our second meet was also awesome..

I arrived and this time you were wearing ring black tanga briefs with a cropped T-shirt style bra.

You stripped me, took off your under wear and got me to wank into your panties.

I was completely enthralled seeing you sat there watching.

And amazingly when looking into your eyes when being told to eat what I had just produced, I had no choice…

Interestingly, you are the only person I’ve been able to do it with, have never been able to be turned on so much to go through with it.

For me the session was secondary, spending time and getting to know a woman as internally beautiful as she is externally was without doubt the most intoxicating aspect.”

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