The Type of subs I Love: Apply to Be Mine

Although my kink life is already thoroughly satisfying. I like to keep myself open to offers of personal service from compatible advanced players. To Me, advanced means having spent quite some years exploring and coming to understand how the desires and limits of your personality work for and against you in your life. I am a deeply psychological player and I prize self-awareness and a resilient mind above all else. Physical pursuits are of a lesser interest to Me.

I lean towards service oriented submissives with a mindful relationship to submission and a critical eye on their lives. Wit, exposure, consistency and humility are also prized assets. I have a soft spot for self-critical minds with a genuine hunger and who may be prone to a small side of endearing clumsiness. If you are interested in mental, verbal and emotional humiliation W/we will get along. If you have the foundation that can take a taste of degradation or more – I may not let you leave.

I may or may not require a high level of financial servitude from you, however financial security will support your ability to serve Me in a functional manner.

your service will be a contribution to My already full life. you will never be the only one who serves Me. But to those who consistently work to earn My energy, effort and attention – I am a consistently engaged, engaging and dedicated Mistress.

Please read through all of My websites, have a look at My social media profiles and try and familiarise yourself with at least a few of My press interviews to brief yourself on how to approach me and catch my attention. You may then attempt to introduce yourself to me respectfully and thoroughly in a message here. I will want to hear about why I interest you, your relationship to BDSM and D/s; and most importantly, what you believe that you could offer me. In 300 to 500 words.

I will likely not have the time nor the energy to answer anything less. Thank you.

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