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Dominance is my nature. This is not just a game.

This is an overview of my core kinks, interests and limits; and how I run my introductions and D/s relationships.

My primary interests

Genuine power exchange, I am the Dominant party. This is not just a fantasy.
Genuine submission, submission that is in your personality not just in your search history.
Self-aware obedience, I want you to be mindful when obeying my command – not blind. A level of self-awareness will be useful.
Courteous, competent, attentive, and efficient service-driven submission. Learn about what I like, and make it happen. What you like is irrelevant until I decide otherwise.

To satiate my interests I have developed a love for the following activities

Verbal humiliation and delicious degradation. Used to discard the limitations of your ego, or for my amusement. I don’t use playground names – I expose the gaps in your personality and actions.
Genuine objectification. You will be useful, and then ignored.
Heavy bondage and restraints. You will be restrained, and then ignored. Or I may toy with you if the mood strikes
Plus the rare but poignant moment of medium-heavy corporal punishment
If you behave I have been known to use my sub girl on you for my entertainment.

Off the cards

Sex or intimate worship (my sub girl is available for this)
Instructions or scripts. You may pose your desires as a request.
Extensive blood play
Anything illegal

An important note

Mentally and emotionally, I am at my best with advanced players. Read more on that here. Or if you are a beginner, be aware that my only interest is to lead you into genuine power exchange – rapidly.

To start, our introduction

At this point I will welcome you to share your general interests and experience with me. I may even ask to hear about a short fantasy or two. But my initial focus is understanding what it’s like to toy with who you are. You may think of our introduction as a first D/s date, so simply turn up and do as I say. I will instigate and appreciate your surrender.

If we meet again

I will be happy to dig deeper and may get you to fill out a thorough kink worksheet which I might incorporate into our future interactions. I will keep you in mind for errands and out of session activities, e.g. workshop service, my dinner companion, go fetch me something etc; and I have also been known to send my subs to serve my large network of Mistress friends. I do this to cover areas I do not enjoy or simply for my amusement.

A note on limits and boundaries

Hard limits are always respected. Initially we will be testing the waters and so conversations around limits will be brief. However as we progress – both your kink worksheets and our interaction will inform me further.
I practice BDSM with an emphasis on ethical exchange that is risk aware, consensual and caring. We will be indulging in activities that society can define as hurtful – but in actuality, I believe that the negotiation inherent to a BDSM exchange makes it one of the most compassionate environments around.

I will toy with you to my hearts desire – but I will also handle you with care. We will work play together for your development – and this in turn will be a much more enjoyable ride for us both, again and again and again…

Members, fill out my priority application form

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