The training of slave william

slave william serves Me from afar (15,000 over kilometres!). But his service touches My daily existence in very physical ways. he warms My heart for one, but also, his gifts, tributes and actions enrich My daily life and lighten My work.

slave william joined My site as a name and a profile, but came to My attention by interacting deeply with My online commands. he is thorough and competent, sweet and attentive – and very reliable. he completed My online slave training tasks honestly, and tributed Me accordingly.

This has all elevated him to a place where I have him on hand for custom slave tasks and wishlist requests. For Me, these require an attention and intimacy that I do not take lightly.

So thank you sweet slave. I can’t believe it has only been one month for U/us. I look forward to many more…

These are slave william’s sweet words from the blog that he started for U/us:

On his Service to Me

“It is hard to believe it has been a month since i first made the decision to serve Mistress Eva. Feels like it was a lifetime ago, but at the same time like no time has passed at all. i feel like my life now has new purpose, and every day is another chance to better myself further. Mistress Eva’s daily tasks have served to open my mind and cause me to think more clearly, more focused. Serving Her has brought a clarity to my life that has been missing for years.

Today, on Valentines Day, marks four weeks since i chose the “serve” option when joining Mistress Eva’s site. Maybe it’s coincidence or a state of euphoria, but i feel happier every day i get to serve Her. Never sure what tomorrow will bring, but as long as my place is at Her feet, it will only get better.”

His full post here

On What Drew him Deeper Into Me

“That perfection, as i described it, that pulled me in, tied my mind down and locked me to Her will. Asking myself earlier, perfection was the only word i could reach for. The more i studied and completed Her tasks, the more i grew, not only as Her slave, but as a person.

Perfection, Her perfection, is about a lot more than physical beauty. She does have an overabundance of that, but it’s more than that. You see a lot of those who rely too much on the physical, demanding servitude for that sole reason. Mistress Eva does not need to demand. For Her, it’s about everything She is. Her compassion and charisma drew me to Her. The more i learn about Mistress Eva, the deeper i wish to go.

Mistress Eva has a sort of executive presence. Something She has assimilated from Her corporate days. The ability to read people, to inspire and lead others. Mistress Eva has all of this and more. i am thankful to be able to see Her use these strengths on a daily basis and can only hope to be at Her feet to witness it for years to come.”

His full post here

On Joining My #slaveTRAINING site

“The more i read about Her, saw Her images and tweets, the more enamored i was with Mistress Eva. It probably took a day before i decided to take the next step and join Her site and enter into Mistress Eva’s slave training program.”

“i spent the next few hours looking in every part of Her site, completing the tasks i could, wishing i could finish them all. Of course, that is not the point. Taking that first step in serving Her is only the beginning of a long term commitment. To go through Her pages, retweeting all the tweets, reading Her blogs and philosophy. To look through all Her photo sets, falling deeper for Her perfection. Giving Mistress Eva complete control as She trains and molds me into Her perfect slave and becoming a better human being in the process, there is no place i would rather be.”

His full post here

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