The training of slave m

Mistress Eva Strapon Slave ProDomme Nipple Torture Collared Selfie

slave m has served Me for a few months now. he came to Me having only served Mistresses three times in session. But slave m is a natural.

I would describe him as very eager to please and a natural service slave – but also worldly, informed and intelligent enough to not be over the top about it.

That said, he does spoil Me to the optimum when he sponsors My trips; he acts as My ‘wine club’ slave by getting great wine delivered once a month (in quite a dry Bali); and he buys (almost) anything I tell him to anytime (sometimes he calls red haha).

he is also smart enough to take in small things I mention and act on them without Me asking. For example, I once mentioned that I don’t enjoy going to My village post office to pick up kink packages; and that I also don’t enjoy packing and carrying My gear over borders – and he immediately got Me a PO Box and storage locker full of BDSM outfits and tools that wait for Me in his city whenever I tour there.

I now understand that slave m and I are quite similar. he has very high standards that I am quite sure he imposes on all who serve him in his vanilla hours; and I have impossibly high standards that he loves to cater to when he gets his ‘time off’ in his kink hours.

So slave m is a grand catch and a good fit for Me.

he does however slip from time to time, forgetting the occasional ‘wine club’ or being a little too much of a smart ass when he’s had something to drink (he usually hides his quick and sharp tongue well). But I give him some leniency in these times because of all his other good work. I may ram him a little harder with My strap-on as a result – but by this point the lines of pleasure and pain have likely blurred. W/we ‘scene’ for days at a time – and essentially his service never ends.

slave m also writes great emails, both in general and in session follow-ups; and I have included one in full for #membersonly. It’s a very special one, it’s from his very first time under My lead.

If you are a member go here to read it in full and hear Me narrate My thanks for his sweet ‘review’.

If you are not yet a member I will indulge you with a small quote:

“Being helpless beneath You was incredible. I will never look at a hotel coffee table the same way again… The finale in the shower was amazing and a total surprise for me… I could have stayed to worship Your perfect feet and heels all night! I don’t know how to express my feelings and gratitude for Your selecting me and for the overall experience!”

he also wrote a quickie for My page on the now defunct Mistress Review:

“Mistress is simply Divine – she is beautiful, graceful and intelligent. She has a natural authority and style that instantly takes control and she understands how to manipulate and torment in the most delicious way. I highly recommend Mistress and can’t wait to please her and be used by her again and again”

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