DAZED Beauty: Rituals (8 Photos + Interview)

The title reads ‘Make up tips from a Dominatrix‘ but the interview is actually so much more. I loved speaking with DAZED about how I perceive beauty, how I use it and what Domination means to Me.

See more photos and read the full interview here.

An excerpt:

“Becoming a dominatrix has been and is an incredible opportunity. It has taught me that my personality has a right to exist, and is even deeply appreciated by many. That what some deem demanding others recognise as powerful. That I have the right to ask for exactly what I want in whichever way that I want to ask, with care and consent. It has taught me how to navigate care and consent in a way that listens to my limitations and needs and those of others; and it has also given me a better way to live through appreciating myself and the benefits that it brings to the world around it. I also very much enjoy the level of financial freedom and freedom of time and movement that it affords me.

Of course becoming a dominatrix has also been infinitely challenging however. Being a sex worker puts you on the margins of society and this is both an isolating and often an unsettling experience. There is a lot of community building, research and self-reflection that needs to happen in order to get to a grounded space amongst such marginalisation – and this is a very tough and ongoing process. But having gone through what I feel as the bulk of it, I feel quite unshakeable – but also with a deep seated sense of empathy. There aren’t many roles in life that can afford you such nuance and strength.

I am infinitely grateful.”

See more photos and read the full interview here.

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