The Training of Sissy R

Sissy Hong Kong Singapore Mistress Eva Dominatrix

I do not get the opportunity to session with sissies often. I haven’t actually had the chance to explore sissification since I came out of retirement. I am not sure why that is. Whether it is a question of numbers, or whether it is simply that not many who are interested are drawn to Me…

But on My last tour to Singapore I got the opportunity to meet sweet Sissy R.

Sissy R met Me first for the social component of our ‘SOCIAL+SESSION’ and I quickly noticed something in Me that I hadn’t seen in a while. Sissy R brought out a deep softness in My nature.

This is understandable of course, no interaction between Myself or another is alike. Differing personalities and their interactions influence differing reactions. However, My reactions are more often sensually strict and erotically charged.

But with Sissy R, I felt a protective instinct kicking in. I felt a nurturing softness that felt comfortable to express itself alongside his naturally effeminate temperament. I offered him My food. I gave him more drink choices.

It was a sweet reminder of how diverse My ProDomme experience can be.

Sissy R has been curious about Femdom and BDSM since 2002. He has seen a few Singaporean Mistresses but no international ones. He feels more drawn to and comfortable with an Asian aesthetic. But because of that he has been lacking what he calls as Mistresses with ‘international experience’. Something I combine in one.

Although he has been curious for over a decade he had never worn makeup nor gotten fully dressed. Over drinks I made the suggestion that perhaps this was the day, and he nodded eagerly.

After our SOCIAL hour, I led Sissy R up to My suite – and W/we chatted casually all the way. Again, something I do not usually encourage. But once we got through the door, I got Sissy R on his knees and purred out My deviant thoughts that I had for O/our time ahead.

Over the course of O/our time together I used My own makeup on Sissy R’s beautifully chiseled face. I let him use My new wig; and dressed him in an elegant long sheer dress of My own as well. I brought him through his first initiation in a way that felt comforting, and beautiful, and in honour of the aesthetic in Me that he so deeply admired.

I then took the honour of ruining it all. First by defiling his face with My feet, his ass with My hands and his everything in the rush of a perfect golden shower.

When Sissy R re-emerged after his own shower he came close and thanked Me. He presented Me with sincerity, and said that he hoped he could see Me again soon. That I was an elegant, charming and understanding young Mistress who could finally help him realise his inner desires.

His eyes came to Me with such beautiful gratitude that it even brought a wetness to My eyes…

Thank you Sissy R, I will indeed see you again soon – and W/we will keep on in this beautiful exploration…

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