‘Breathtaking. Power. Seduction.’

Dominatrix Hong Kong Singapore Elite FemDom Mistress Eva FinDom

@garipan86 has been trying to get a session with Me for a while. I have been fully booked each time he tried – but he finally jumped in a month ahead of My arrival and got a session.

I am glad that he persisted. Not only was it a pleasure to be served by him. But it also felt like an honour. he submitted entirely to a preliminarily intense seduction and came out the other side shining.

gary has also had what seems like an incredible amount of experience. he has served Mistresses worldwide and was able to detail the differences in ‘style’ regionally with a beautiful inner smile.

Thank you for the beautiful time gary. I look forward to being served, and entertained, by you in deeper and deeper ways, more and more…

gary’s sweet thanks:

Dear Mistress Eva

Thank you so much for allowing me the honour of meeting and having a session with you in Singapore, and apologies for taking so long to express that.

I must say the session was completely different from what I had expected.

I felt that our time together was different in that it was strict (you were in control the entire time and I enjoyed obeying the protocols) but not cruel. These two often go together, although not necessarily, as You have demonstrated. Instead, I felt like while I was dominated, I was also teased and seduced. This was a new experience for me despite my years of experience.

– First, your breathtaking beauty. To say that you were stunning would be an understatement. I had met many beautiful dominas, but you were truly in a league of your own. Words fail to express how I feel, and I can only describe you as the pinnacle embodiment of oriental beauty.

– Second, your strict adherence to protocol. Being instructed to keep my eyes down, kneel immediately once we entered the room etc. maintained the power dynamic.

– Third, your individual style. I am more accustomed to strict, and occasionally sadistic treatment, but you combined your sessions with an exquisite form of seduction that leaves one desperate and hungry for more.

I had an amazing time, and would like to thank you once again for the experience.


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