I would have done anything to stay…

Mistress Eva Slave ProDomme Foot Heel Worship Session Selfie Singapore

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This is the extended version.

If I’m correct, Mistress Eva went by Eva on top. And she was in Seoul in 2015. The bdsm scene in Korea is almost non existent, so to see there was a real life pro domme coming excited me. I contacted her and filled out the session application the way I was instructed and got a session with her.

When I first met Mistress Eva I was stunned by how beautiful she was and and instantly nervous. She had a collection of toys in her hotel room and she asked me what I thought those were for.

From this point on, I knew I was beneath this woman. She was meant to rule and I was so happy to be under her. The pain I felt at times was above what I thought I could take, but I didn’t dare to use the safe word, cause I couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing her. I remember everything so vividly to this day and have been waiting for her to come out of retirement. From the way it felt for her to enter me. (To this day, she is the only one), the taste of her saliva, the taste of the bottom of her shoe and stocking feet. The feeling of being her chair. And how even though I wasn’t able to cum from the ties she used on my genitals. I was more than prepared to lick it off the the floor as she commanded that I would have to do if was to finish. And lastly, she took me to the shower, and urinated on me. I don’t even know if I asked for it. Nor did I know how blessed I could feel to have her do that, but I was ready to become her toilet if she commanded.

The hardest thing I did that day was leave. I would of done anything to stay and be her slave for her entire visit. Tied up and used when ever she wanted for what ever she liked.

I even left the ties on my balls cause she didn’t tell me to take them off and I didn’t want to disobey her. So I had to ride the subway for an hour and a half in slight bandage in honor of her until I got home and she gave me permission to remove it.

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