I felt like Her puppet. Her pet…

Mistress Eva Hong Kong Dominatrix Singapore

By Pet M

The Find

Who has found whom in this play may always be a mystery… However, that day when – for the first time – I typed the words [Dominatrix Singapore] into the search engine, it felt like someone was calling for me.

I skipped the first trashy ads and was guided onto the shell of a website, still under construction. The realm of Mistress Eva – then with hardly any online presence nor history. An ever so mysterious and intriguing personality. This is how Ulysses must have felt when passing the sirens – only that covering your ears wouldn’t have helped as Mistress Eva prefers to come straight for one’s mind.

Be kind. Be respectful. And be warned.

Mistress Eva could not be any further apart from your average whip swinging and shouting studio dominatrix. Given Her intellect, Her personality that comes with a natural aura of command and Her beauty – certainly in a room full of Dommes, she will be considered the Queen.

For the ones who are attempting to approach Her with their own session wish lists or any other hideous requests Mistress Eva is certainly not the one for you. In this case you will be seeing someone else and Her ever so kind and helpful assistant Ally will make sure of that.

The First Meeting

My heart was jumping.

Excitement. Joy. Fear.

I took the stairs and arrived at Her suite and knocked.

The first impression were flawless red fingernails wrapped around the door with a soft voice commanding me into the room. From that moment, I felt like a puppet, Her pet. Hypnotised by Her aura I naturally went on my knees, it just felt like the right place. Head down. At Her feet.


Two hours later I left as a grown individual as Her grown individual. She enabled me to move red lines, to achieve things I would not have dared to think or dream about. Being in this world as Her pet is an ultimately satisfying experience I am upmost grateful for. Pleasing Her becomes the ultimate goal.

Double Trouble

Mistress Eva fortunately had the patience to initially accept me with my flaws and faults and kindly allowed me onto stage two – ‘sharpening the edges’.

She certainly is the Lady of nuance and paying attention at any given time is of upmost importance. Her commands or clues come well dosed and She will not repeat Her wish.

Whilst my excitement under Her leads to unprecedented clumsiness, She started with a round of questioning and had tied me to a chair when there was a knock at the door.

Moments later, I found myself in between Mistress Eva and Her slave girl Aria Luxe. Aria arrived in a skin tight body suit under which she had nothing but Her wonderful body – all of it at Mistress Eva’s discretion. Aria alone has beauty and presence for any sudden explosion – but the combination of them both is lethal.

Within the next hour – once again – Mistress Eva allowed me to be part of the ultimate experience and enabled me to grow further, to control myself (under very severe conditions) – and most importantly, to listen and obey.

Ever since then I understand where Mistress Eva’s training will lead to and I continue to be most grateful for any bit of Her time.

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