i Melted Inside: A Social Session

These are some sweet words from slave c after a social session together. I didn’t have any more time or headspace to meet new slaves for sessions but slave c made such a beautiful application that I made time to meet him for a drink (aka social session).

These social moments are an opportunity to meet Me in a vanilla setting. However it is good to note that My being is never vanilla…

Hello Mistress Eva,

I thank for You for you reaching out to me. All my free thoughts and desires have been with You, in ways others would consider stalking because every free waking minute since we’ve met, I’ve been going through your website and twitter trying to get in sync with You. I’m actually managing my time at work to check-in about every hour and do more slave training. I’ve never been so committed.

As of now since meeting with You, my dreams are filled with visions of me Pleasing You in every way. I imagine myself following Your every command and feeling good about it while wanting to do more as I take In all the erotic emotions. My first impression of You, in which You gracefully exited the lift and Your eyes were instantly on me as if You already knew who I was. I tried to be confident, but honestly melted inside when I saw how Beautiful You were. You were sweet and kind to me affording me an opportunity to talk about what I presently do to live and express myself in ways that I rarely share with others, even those closest to me. Also the way You easily got control of me by saying “When you meet a Mistress this is what you do”. Sorry Mistress I couldn’t help myself to sneak a few looks Your way. You provided me a permanent memory Mistress and I thank You for that because I can always re-live it again.

The positive feedback/insight after listening to me talk about my desires for You to make me a better person is most welcome. You reassured me for my decision to reach out. Yes Mistress Eva, I’m settled and want to Please You.

Your new slave c

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