‘Lur[ing] desires out of your brain’

A few words from My beautiful Plaything O:

In normal cases you pay money for encounters so that – as opposed to having an affair – you don’t need to see her again the next morning. You buy yourself out of a commitment.

Meeting Mistress Eva is an experience. And a quite different one from many, many out there. Meeting Mistress Eva is not a transaction. It’s not a single or simple encounter. Meeting Mistress Eva is only a one-off if She never wants to see you again. Meeting Mistress Eva is a commitment by itself, from the start.

If she chooses to train you, you are only about to start a journey to get to know each other. You confess your desires, your dreams and fantasies. And she twists you around her elegant finger. Tighter and tighter, the more you tell her about what is going on in your mind. And the more you know about her, the more you will think you can and try to impress her, serve her, please her. Which is, by nature, futile. She will always find a new proverbial carrot to dangle in front of your trembling lips. Each time you think you satisfied her desires, she in return, will make a new desire pop up in your mind that you wish to be fulfilled. And the circle starts anew.

So if you simply want someone to whip you and leave, maybe search somewhere else. If you want to go above and beyond the physical and let Mistress Eva lure desires out of your brain that you did not even know you had, come right in. But be ready to make a commitment.

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