A Lucky Kitten

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A review by Annabel Gray:

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am one very lucky kitten to be offered the chance to be spend some time with you which is an incredible honour that many do not get the chance to experience. May I also add how Mistress Eva is even more impressive in her beauty and elegance than her photos show. Just utterly breathtaking and confident. You can feel Mistress,’s natural aura of dominance and control.

I won’t lie I was incredible nervous when I first arrived but within minutes I was settling down as we discussed various elements of our lives and I was able to tell Mistress things that I have never told a lot of people so I knew the comfort was already there. As things progressed throughout the day there were so much laughter and smiles which was just amazing. I will keep the main details out of this but there are 2 elements that are going to be revealed being your Kitten in bondage for the day was just incredible and also being given the task of going to pick Mistress’s dress for the Femdom Ball but with some added extra requirements as directed by Mistress, which of course I fully complied with. To top the day off I also had the opportunity to meet the incredibly beautiful Aria which was something I hope to do.

To see Mistress Eva in the flesh and spend hours at her feet is such an incredible experience where the slave training program, along with the daily slave task, certainly helped me in Mistress Eva presence. For those new or existing I am proof that dreams can come true and for those hours spent showing devotion to Mistress Eva online. I know how lucky I am and I hope to continue to my development and submissive training under Mistress Eva.

What transpired on this day will long live in my memory as a very happy and incredible day.

Click here to see photos and videos from A Day with Annabel

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