you will please Me

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As the year closes, I am in a reflective mood.

It has been a beautiful one.

I moved to Bali, in semi-retirement. I stepped back onto the internet (after a two year hiatus) – and I launched – my online ‘slave training’ playground. is a culmination of so many things for me. It is not just a website to ‘advertise’ my role as a ProDomme. It is my way of extending on the deep joy that BDSM and FemDom give me. A space to expand on the thrill that my real time sessions and ‘arrangements’ hold.

It is what has come out to shine from such much needed time out.

I began my ProDomme career six glorious years ago – and it’s been a heck of a whirlwind since then.

I started at the legendary Salon Kitty’s in 2012. I hosted sessions there until they closed in 2013; and I quickly skyrocketed myself around the world as an international ProDomme – touring the likes of New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and beyond.

But then, I got a bit overwhelmed by it all (hence the two year hiatus).

I took my time out to regroup and session discreetly with select slaves. I took this time to reassess as to what was most important – to me.

This led me down a heck of a path. I set up a home base in London. I took an average of two international flights a month instead of ten. I went on my first ten day silent retreat, and I cultivated a steady meditation practice in Vipassana (I have now been on five retreats and practice daily).

I gave myself the space to feel a deeper compassion, understanding and ‘purpose’. Which also helped in my decision to go vegan in this time.

And what also came out of this settling – was a whole new level of resonance. A resonance in my talent and joy for FemDom. A resonance that smiles for the joy and thrill of – your servitude.

So after saying ‘enough(!)’, I moved myself back to the tropics where I was born. I built a home on a peaceful acre of jungle, deep in Bali; and I slowly grew the site you now read this on – is my special home, my online playground – where you get exclusive access to me. Where I will toy with you. Where I will set commands for you. Where you can dream along to my images; and worship my exclusive clips. Where you will learn – how to be mine.

It is where you will fulfil my dreams of your obedience, adoration and devotion. Where you will take my ‘slave training’ courses. Where you will please me.

All by simply being my sweet member.

There’s really nothing better…

Do as I say – you will please Me.

Mistress Eva xx

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