Be My Winner

BDSM Game Mistress Eva Dominatrix

As a member of My slave training site you earn points every step of the way.

When you visit a task, when you view My photosets, when you finish a slave training course, when you buy Me a gift…

One of my sweet slaves-in-training calls it, ‘the gamification of BDSM!’. But really, it’s just a simpler way for Me to fairly divide My precious attention.

Every month I will give my top earner an exclusive privilege. This could be the chance to take Me to a fetish party, or to serve Me as a photoshoot slave.

See some accounts of past wins here and here.


December, A Custom Clip
November, A Social Meet
October, A Custom Clip
September, A Custom Clip
August, A Social Meet
July, A Free Video
June, A Free Video
May, A Social Meet
April, Custom Audio
March, A Social Meet
February, D/s Project Collab
January, Video Call

December, Video Session
November, Members Choice
October, Custom Audio Seduction
September, DM Access
August, Private Video Q&A
July, A Social Meet
June, Custom Audio Seduction
May, Custom Clip Request
April, A clip from My first video clip series
March, A Social Meet
February, A Skype Meet
January, Custom Clip Request

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