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This is a very important piece for the Washington Post by Jessie Sage. Read it all here.

The deeper that I have come into sex work the more that I realise how ‘civilian’ interactions can be deeply flawed. In my sex work interactions I am the Mistress of My space and interactions; in civilian life – there is a constant battle with other persons who lay claim to My attention as if they are entitled to it.

In this article I am amongst some incredible voices that understand why this is. I am honoured to have been asked to contribute. Below are some of the words that I shared with Jessie.

Mistress Eva, who specializes in domme work, describes her interactions with clients as safer and defined than those outside of sex work. At the airport on the way home from DomCon, she took a few minutes to write to me: “I never have to hesitate about entering an interaction as a sex worker, because our interaction is always preceded by negotiation and an understanding of our combined desires and limits.”

I highly encourage you to read it all here. If you do not work in sex work, it will open up your eyes.

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