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Ask Me Anything: I think I will make this a regular feature going forward. I really appreciate hearing questions from My slaves. It gives both them and I an opportunity to get questions answered that we otherwise may not have stumbled upon in O/our day to day or within O/our play.

Here slave william sat down with Me to talk about compassion – and more to the point, why I choose to be Vegan.

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slave william: Welcome, Mistress Eva, i would like to thank You for this opportunity, for this interview but more importantly to be Your slave. It has been an adventure so far and the more i get to know You, the more i love and adore You, Mistress. This includes Your vegan lifestyle. Would constantly be looking for vegan gifts and restaurants to please You. But more on the effect You have had on me at a later time, Mistress, for this is about You.

First off, when did You choose to become Vegan and why, Mistress?

Mistress Eva: It was a progression of events that started in June 2014. That was when I went on My first Vipasanna meditation retreat – where I didn’t eat any animals for the first time in My entire life. It is a vegetarian silent retreat.

During the retreat I had a moment where I broke down and cried when I thought of a steak, which sounds ridiculous to a previous version of Myself. But I was so stripped of stimulation there that the suffering that went into a steak became glaringly obvious enough to for Me to break down. I am naturally a deeply sensitive person and the silence there highlighted that.

Being Vegan is a deeply emotional experience for Me.

I somehow still ate meat when I came out of the retreat, but much less. But gradually land animals dropped off of My plate; then seafood; and then after I watched Cowspiracy – dairy and eggs too. This led to Me educating Myself to the point where I now do My best to avoid all animal products even in the pillows of the hotels I stay in or the materials of the gifts that are gifted to Me.

I personally believe that it has everything to do with Me growing My daily meditation practice alongside My ever deepening experience of BDSM.

Thank You. How has the change most effected Your every day life as well as Your professional one?

Recognizing the deep suffering and nuances of consciousness through Veganism, meditation and BDSM have made Me a much more compassionate person. This comes out in everything that I do.

I make better choices in terms of the businesses I support, what I put on My plate and even in better recognizing My own boundaries. It has all given My life a clearer lens.

I also have become much more nuanced in My practice as a Dominatrix. I notice that My care for My slaves now runs clearly to My core – and My care around O/our interactions are benefited as a result.

I also feel that My focus on slave training as opposed to solely hosting sessions has come from My growing compassion as well. Having chosen to look at what W/we do more deeply and holistically.

What was the most difficult and easiest part of switching to a Vegan lifestyle?

It was a gradual process for Me, so perhaps I took it easy on Myself; and also, once I’m convinced – I rarely find anything ‘hard’. I usually approach any challenges in stride as part of a process and rarely clock them.

But I could say that the thing I most notice, even still, is the prejudice that comes up against My choice to be Vegan. My very select handful of friends and family are supportive. But the prejudice I receive from acquaintances or those new to Me saddens Me. I understand that it is simply their limitations speaking – but it never fails to communicate to Me how deep the lack of compassion runs, in a world that idealizes human superiority.

I Myself used to practice such prejudice as someone who has been surrounded by the F&B industry and ‘foodies’ since I was young. There is a tendency to scorn vegetarians, let alone Vegans within this interest group. As it of course challenges many pleasures that they hold dear to their identity.

So again, I understand – but it is saddening nevertheless.

The easiest part? I would say that choosing to be Vegan has made it easier to feel more convinced that I am contributing in a worthwhile way to the world. To feel an added sense of self-worth. It is seemingly a small act. But it is actually a political stance that makes a change statistically. It is a change that I can make every meal. It is an act of great compassion, and it can really take courage. All these qualities adds extremely positive dimensions to My daily experience.

Please tell me a bit about the consent culture as it relates to Your choices.

I realize you ask this as I once mentioned ‘SSC (safe sane consensual) 24/7 ;)’ in response to a Vegan tweet that we once exchanged…

I said it in jest then, but it is actually quite an applicable way to describe how I feel about My choice to be Vegan.

As you are likely aware, in the kink community we subscribe to a process of negotiation and consent around O/our engagement with each other. This is of course certainly not perfected across the broad spectrum of O/our participants, but is a foundational element that I am happy and proud that we have.

Within this practice of negotiation and consent (whether it be within a scene, relationship or interaction) we practice either or a combination of the widely used terms, SSC (safe sane consensual) or RACK (risk aware consensual kink).

When I used ‘SSC’ in O/our tweet exchange I brought it in to illustrate how I feel about the lack of consideration that those who choose to eat animals have. When they use, confine and slaughter animals – clearly without their consent.

Now of course it is an idealized situation to expect to be able to have a negotiation ’24/7’ all the time and everywhere – with all humans who share language, and even more so amongst animals who don’t share our language. But that said, I believe that if we did keep compassion and empathy for the experience of others in mind as much as possible – we would create a better world for ourselves as a result.

How does it effect how You approach Your slave training?

My choice to be Vegan and to focus on slave training rather than single sessions have both been a result of My gradual process in growing My compassion.

This process has come about through My focus on meditation and BDSM, as mentioned.

But how it influences My slave training in particular now… I can see that I have been able to better clearly define what I expect throughout My entire slave training process – compassion and clarity for My own needs. And that My negotiations, scenes and aftercare are nuanced with much more kindness – compassion and clarity for the needs of My slaves.

I am just simply a better person as a result of getting here, and in My continued practice of being here – in Veganism, slave training or however the results have presented themselves.

It is a difficult lifestyle to adopt. Many people fail because of the difficulties in rewriting what they consider normal to adopt a new one. What advice would You give someone thinking about joining the growing Vegan movement?

I can see that it can be a difficult lifestyle to adopt. But personally, I haven’t found it difficult as I think that I have the privilege of a deep and gradual emotional change. Also, once I am convinced both emotionally and intellectually – I am very solid within My decisions. I also do not interact with many people and so it was hard to influence My resolve especially once I had it.

So that said, I think it would really help to clarify your motivations and educate yourself to the point of deep convinction. Then, throughout, understand your limitations, be compassionate to yourself – and figure out a timeframe that works best for you.

After ‘Cowspiracy’, I went from vegetarian to vegan overnight – but that’s not for everyone. It also took a good three months of Minimalist Baker recipes to graduate from tofu, broccoli and rice to cashew cream Vegan no-cheesecake. The Happy Cow app is also a godsend. So watch out for a bit of a learning curve that will be supported by your resolve/the things that motivate you.

If you are aware that you are motivated by information, get it. It you are motivated by community, get that too. Your mind has to be aware of your motivations and the support that you need – and if you are convinced within yourself enough – you’ve got a grand chance.

Oh, and watch EarthlingsMic the Vegan and hear Gary Francione out sometimes.


Thank You again, Mistress Eva, for taking time out of Your busy touring schedule. It is refreshing to listen to You be open and compassionate about Your choices. i do enjoy learning more and more about everything that makes You great, Mistress. Thanks for sharing with us all a bit more about who You are. i believe we can all take inspiration from Your words to live a better life, at one with the world around us.

Read the original post on slave william’s blog here

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