Sinical Magazine Cover

I am on the cover of Sinical Magazine this month, July 2018! Inside you will see a series of pictures taken at Ivy Manor in Los Angeles, by photographer Danny Stygion. I will share the images with my members. I also speak in an interview that goes into some sweet details on how I love to play; the music, film and books that I love; and more more more! Here is a small snippet of the interview:

Sinical Magazine: What were your first sessions like?

Mistress Eva: Little did I know that I had been crafting many sessions prior to my professional endeavours! I always lent heavily on the psychological depths of domination, which came forth in a lot of verbal play, protocol games and intense seduction.

However my first sessions in a professional context was a lot about working my way around the kinks of others rather than my own. This included being guided by Mistresses and submissives alike in the very popular foot fetish games, golden showers, flogging, spanking, strap on, bondage and fisting.

But this all said, although I have since gained proficiency in these activities and others; I have since come back around to focusing on what I was doing unknowingly prior to professional domination. This a psychological focus with concentration on verbal play, protocol and seduction. Funny that!

What are some of your favorite things to do during play?

I adore weaving my words into the minds of those who serve me; toying with their perspective and integrating myself into their worlds.

I adore deep tactility which can utilise all manners of sensations, pains and pleasures.

I adore exposing who I am and who they are intellectually, emotionally and physically. I believe in getting dirty with our desires, intelligence, sexuality and the terrors and titillation of emotion.

These are the ways that I become most satisfied with and in my play.

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