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I am very new to the world of reddit. In fact, I was so sheltered not to think of it until /r/AsianDominance contacted Me a few weeks ago.

They have now honoured Me as their featured Domme, and interviewed Me with some thoughtful questions… So I think I will be digging in to this world to see what other goodness there may be. If you have any subreddits that you think may be interesting to Me please tweet Me @youwillpleaseME

Read the interview I’ve done with the sweet ‘unworthy’ at /r/AsianDominance:

When did you first get an interest in BDSM/Femdom?

I grew up in a female dominated household and therefore Femdom was always a natural ‘state’ for me. However, although Femdom is a deeply rooted part of my own personality I didn’t know it had a term until I started training as a professional Dominatrix.

I have a corporate past that was what many may see as interesting and successful. However I got to a point where I reached the ‘top of the ladder’ – but I found that I was still unfulfilled. No salary packages or contracts were interesting enough anymore and there wasn’t any higher that I wanted to go. So I cut it off and decided that I would indulge myself in a little wandering for a while. This led me to typing into Google what an ex-boyfriend had suggested to me years before, ‘Dominatrix’ – and an interview at a dungeon later, I had my first shift as an Apprentice Mistress.

It was during my apprenticeship that my talent in Femdom had a place to flourish, and my craft of BDSM really had an opportunity to grow.

What is your most memorable experience as a dominatrix?

Oh so many memories! Although there is one ‘breakthrough’ memory that I talk about in detail on a podcast with VICE’s Broadly. I’d encourage you to listen to it. But to sum it up slightly…it is the first time that I realised how much of an impact that I can have on a submissive – even in a short amount of time. It changed the way I Domme entirely.

Listen to it here

What is your favorite outfit/type of clothing you like to wear as dominatrix?

I love that I get the opportunity to wear the most outrageous latex, the most luxurious lingerie and the highest of high stilettos on such a regular basis – through my life as a Dominatrix. However I also quite simply love a good mindfuck – and so a public session where I casually mention my lack of underwear, with you in chastity, can definitely do the trick.

What is your most favorite fetish to explore?

I do love the classics – foot worship, strap on…up to fisting and beyond! But I also have a special place in my heart for true submission and slave training – so I will press on all of your fetish buttons until you’re lost in a world of ultimate submission. There’s really nothing better…

What is your most favorite city in the world to play in?

This is a tough one. So many beautiful memories in so many places… At the moment I’d say I have my most loyal slaves are in Hong Kong and Singapore – and so to play there is always such a luxurious joy. But so far, it is also hard to beat London – where the diversity of play spaces and equipment casually at hand always gets my heart racing!

Is there one particular person in the world you fantasize about dominating?

What a great question. I’ve never fantasised about it, until now. But I would be curious as to what it might be like to dominate, myself… Just thinking about it gives me a headache though haha. I would be an incredible challenge. Particularly intellectually and emotionally – a hard task. You’ve got me thinking…

Do you have any advice for aspiring dominatrices on how to succeed in domination?

I think different people can approach domination in different ways and come out successful. I definitely see this amongst my peers. However if there’s anything in common amongst those who do well and maintain a good reputation long term… It is that we respect our submissives and appreciate them; that we are informed about psychological and physical risks and practice accordingly; and that we respect each other by supporting each other how we can, whilst maintaining our distinct identities/‘branding’.

Professional domination can also take many turns, burnouts happen and your interests change – be ok with these shifts as best as you can. BDSM can provide us a safe yet exciting way to explore our personalities and sexualities. Keep informed, respect the protocols of SSC/RACK that our elders have carved for us – and play with the likeminded as much as you can. You’ll build yourself up, and your skills in domination will build up with it.

A business course/background is also very helpful if you are interested in professional domination. Reach out if you’d like a supportive ally! @youwillpleaseME

See it all on their beautiful subreddit here.

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