Peepshow Podcast with Mistress Eva

I love the Peepshow Podcast. I first found them on Twitter and loved what they were up to immediately. They talk about sex, culture, art and sometimes technology. These topics make My heart race independently, but to find them all in one place – oh My!

I immediately subscribed, began supporting them on their Patreon and have listened to their episodes religiously since. I’d encourage you to do the same if you’d like to get an awareness of what interests Me outside/adjacent to kink.

So when the Peepshow Podcast team asked Me to be a guest I was thrilled and honoured. I was also a little shocked, they largely interview academically inclined and really clued in folk – and it was somewhat intimidating. But I took a leap and what came out of it was a beautiful conversation on how I began as a Dominatrix, My motivations, how I use humiliation, what I think about feminisation – and more.

Please have a listen and let Me know what you think on My twitter, @youwillpleaseME