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I am Mistress Eva, a semi-retired lifestyle Dominatrix

My Pro Domme career began at the renowned Salon Kitty’s dungeons in 2012. Since then I have travelled across six continents honing my craft. I now reside in the tropics amongst a lifestyle serviced by my most dedicated personal slaves. I fly out often to be served by others in cities worldwide. These include my beloved Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. My expertise is in genuine power exchange, slave training and erotically cerebral domination. I have been featured in the Washington Post, on the VICE Network, DAZED and AVN. I have been on the covers of Sinical Magazine and Kink Queens.

But it wasn't always like this

In 2012 I had reached a pinnacle in my corporate career. I had the position I desired and the largest pay checks I'd ever had. I had a wealthily independent life with a view over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

But despite this perceived success, I was forlorn inside. Why? Because I am driven by my values. But it had to take me this sadness matched with that pay check to realise.

What are my values?

Now I know that they are honesty, kindness, a sense of justice, and never ever taking advantage. But these were not addressed in a fierce corporate environment; and the pay check made it obvious that it wasn't the position but the lack of purpose that was the problem.

So I left

...and something in me soon found itself typing a word of an ex-partner into Google - "You'd make a great - Dominatrix".

This landed me an interview at Salon Kitty's

Where after a two week trial I became their apprentice. Inside their walls I was fortunate to be schooled by their Mistresses - tough, kind, creative and powerful forces. They invited me to hold their things during their sessions; demonstrated the nuances of innumerable devices; and taught me the infinite ways in how to command respect.

This was an incredible training ground

I still reference it now.

Those women showed me how power, sensitivity and authenticity can co-exist beautifully. How we can hold these qualities simultaneously while holding you as well.

Even with this foundation it took me a good four years to start to feel comfortable calling myself a Mistress. But now it is 2019 and after eight years of addressing my values, needs and limits (and those of others) - I feel I have finally learned how to hold my own power, sensitivity and authenticity.

Which brings me to the creation of this site

Here, I want to give us a safe space. For me to be who I am, and for you to figure out who you'd like to be too. For you to offer me your service and for me to give you focus, understanding and care. I want it to be a place where my values of honesty, kindness, a sense of justice, and never ever taking (non-consensual) advantage are celebrated and enjoyed alongside the deep thrill that kink offers me.

The skills you cultivate will benefit me, but they will also benefit you

They will hopefully nurture you to look out for my needs while respecting yours. For me, this is the essence of what BDSM can be - and my slave training site is a carefully crafted space for us both to practice it.

We will begin with you telling me a bit about yourself (you will fill out your profile); and after a few core courses - you may very well step into a place where you can hold yourself - and me, at the same time as well.

Thank you for this opportunity
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I respect your privacy and would never spam you
I respect your privacy and would never spam you