Pro Domme trust BDSM interview is a cryptocurrency focused on the adult industry. They interviewed Me for an article on trust in BDSM.

They did an incredible job of getting the the essence of the exchange within BDSM in quite a succinct article. I’d highly recommend that you read the full piece here.

Below are some of My words that they quoted and used in their article.

“BDSM offers us an arena from which to explore each others desires and limits within a safe space. When practised holistically there are principles that are inherent to it that facilitate this. We often communicate in great detail as to our kinks, our experience, expectations; and soft & hard limits. It’s really a refreshing way to experience human interaction. I believe that my day to day has benefitted from the communication and understanding that BDSM promotes.” said Mistress Eva “As a Dominant, it makes me better equipped to take my submissives on, and further; and for my submissives it gives them the security to trust me, to let go and perhaps to be taken deeper than they could have without that negotiated safe space.”

On the topic of Trust, Mistress Eva had this to say “As a Pro Domme establishing a trusted relationship and getting to understand my submissives is essential to facilitating a satisfying experience. You often don’t get a lot of time to do this in a professional context so at least intermediate negotiation skills and emotional intelligence are crucial to the work itself. As a Lifestyle Domme, you get more time to understand the nuances of motivation, personality and preference — but the necessity for trust and understanding is just the same for a satisfying and productive personal D/s relationship. Without this foundation, your work or personal relationships will never push towards their full potential. I doubt that any Dommes seriously committed to the lifestyle would ever dispute the prominence that trust and understanding takes as a cornerstone — even before play.”

See it all here.