Interview with DAZED on Latex

Mistress Eva, a Hong Kong-based dominatrix Sakura puts me in touch with, talks about transforming herself into a living art piece. “You learn to become a canvas, which we’re told not to want to be anymore. But it’s an artistic expression, isn’t it? Becoming that piece of art is your decision and your investment: you have ownership over it.” Eva has over 11,000 followers on Twitter, and her feed is full of tactile images of her in latex catsuits and thigh-high spiked boots. Over the phone she’s very warm, and thoughtful about mental barriers she has to overcome in order to take on that hyper-femme, sexualised image: “Latex screams your outline, and we’re taught not to acknowledge desire for that outline anymore.”

Latex, for Eva, involves a kind of mindful reclamation of the feminine aesthetic. She’s just bought a translucent purple outfit: a dress, with matching gloves, stockings and lingerie. Wearing it, she experiences her body as something new, and strange: “With translucent latex, it’s like looking through perspex. Whether it’s a glove and you can see the shape of the lines in your hand, or whether it’s a stocking and can just see the curve of your calf muscle.” Eva offers clients the chance to embody that aesthetic with her. At its purest, the client gets to become her doppelgänger: ”I am the fantasy and the latex allows them to become the thing that they desire“.

With a recent client in Singapore, she even brought a wig that matched her own hair for him to wear: ”I wore latex to pick him up downstairs. Then I stripped down to matching lingerie and told him to put on my dress. He had seen me in it, he knew that my body had been within it. He could almost feel me there.“ Sometimes she will go out with her client and they’ll spend the day together, dressed in matching outfits. Dressing and undressing each other in latex involves a swapping and merging of identity.

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