IAmA Domme: AMA – Erotic Power Exchange, Session Planning, Burnout

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Ask Me Anything: This is a Q&A ‘column’ between My closest subs/slaves and Myself. It gives both them and I an opportunity to get questions answered that W/we otherwise may not have stumbled upon in O/our day to day or within O/our play.

Here My darling Annabel Gray chats with Me to talk about how I plan My sessions, where I get My inspiration from and My big bad burnout…

Annabel: Thank you Mistress Eva for allowing me the opportunity to ask you a few questions about yourself. My first question is you original retired from being a Mistress what was the thought behind that?

Mistress Eva: A lot of things were happening for me at that point. I had just moved to London, my touring schedule was getting even more insane, and at the core of it – I guess I reached a bit of a burn out. However when I took myself off of the internet I didn’t stop holding sessions – but only chose a select few of my trusted submissives to see at my leisure. I think this was a good threshold that I had to cross. I had to learn that the way I approach my sessions is way too ‘dedicated’ and intense for me to sustain this all month. Which is why I now only hold sessions a few days a month in select cities – whilst keeping daily contact with my submissives in a lighter tone. My slave training site really helps me with this as I get to interact with those who serve me, but with a little bit of ‘mystery’ and distance – that funnily works out better for everyone in their every day lives in the end.

How did you feel after that’s first session after coming back out of retirement was there a jubilation to be back in the swing of things with the opportunity to meet new slaves and submissive or did it feel like you had never been away?

When I started touring again the first thing I did was session with a long-time plaything of mine. Even though he was in my ‘little black book’ all along – his location in Singapore meant that getting there from London wasn’t as easy as it was when I was/am regional. The fact that he was one that I held dear to my heart didn’t mean I wasn’t full of nerves before he walked in. But as soon as I had him in my hands again the beauty of my love for power exchange came surging back. Erotic power exchange is a deeply rooted trait of mine that doesn’t get enough place to assert itself in our world – so to finally step back into a space where it is cherished and revered – I feel like I’m home, and smarter with my limits.

To me it now sounds like you have found your place in the world as a very exclusive renowned Dominatrix, because you are able to be so selective due to the limited number of sessions you do. Do you find that some people are always left disappointed or that you are able to select your slaves on the knowledge that you know the session will have that erotic power exchange?

I’m not quite sure what it is – but especially since I started touring again I have had every single one of those who have seen me, ask to see me again – or at least religiously dig through my site and newsletters ongoing (I see everything). I have the sense that it is because I am so sure of where I stand, and there’s not many who can really hit the nail on the head when it comes to genuinely engaged eroticism. I am genuinely authentic and seem to have a talent to understand where all who see me are coming from – at least in our time together. I also take a genuine interest in every submission, and am thankful for each and every one. This seems to come across clearly and make a big and lasting impression on those who meet me and get to serve me, especially in session. I’ve started collecting reviews of my sessions and despite the diversity of submissive they all seem to see my uniquely genuine sense interest, engagement and erotic power exchange across the board.

How long does it take you to plan out a session beforehand or do you already know which way it will go?

I don’t actually plan anything. I always ask about interests and limits either before we meet or at the very beginning of our time together but if it doesn’t require equipment or biological prep then everything depends on the personal dynamic at hand. I never know exactly how it will go, as even if I have met my sub or Plaything many times before the mood of the day or their headspace and mine will always have nuances of difference. As a favorite Plaything, N has said – a session with me is never the same, and you won’t be either

Where does the inspiration come from for you daily slave tasks and your website course content?

The course content took months of planning and is a culmination of what I think has been a lifelong effort in power exchange, nuance and self-awareness. I’ve taken my hopes for the kind of sub and slave I would like to have and broken it down into stages of how to get there. You could say all the inspiration comes from better understanding my needs and how to extract the service of them from my subs and playthings. Similarly, my daily slave tasks revolve around my interests and those of the subs that are interacting with my site (as you know you need to fill out a ‘profile’). This, like my sessions, really gets me going.

Do you find that some submissive fall by the way side and others go on and become what you hope for after early interactions?

Everyone brings different things to the table; and everyone is at a different stage in their potential. Over the years, some I have doubted have become hungry, willing and mouldable; and others I had hopes for drop by the wayside due to other commitments, or otherwise. It’s really a daily readjustment and reassessment of our suitability – I feel that this is the fairest way to honour both the stage you are at and the stage I am willing to bring you into at the time.


If you don’t already please follow Annabel on Twitter @annabelgray23. She is not only an absolute darling but has been involved in the scene for a while and you could learn a thing or twenty from how she carries herself. Thank you Annabel!

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