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GALLERY: Mistress Eva at Salon Kitty’s Dungeon

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Where it all began! I walked into the doors of Salon Kitty’s in 2012. Here I was trained under some of the most talented and sharpest women I have ever met. Since then, I have never looked back. I relish in my role as a Professional Dominatrix. I have made it my own as a Mistress – with a distinct erotic edge.

This is my first ever photoshoot as a Mistress. You could call it the days of me as a Baby Mistress.

I am inside the dungeons of Salon Kitty’s, Sydney, Australia – herself. I am in the main red dungeon – up against the wall of restraint and straddling the birthing chair – next to the strap-on sling. I am in the role play office, next to the canes. I am across the shining floors of the cross dressing room. All in latex, stockings, boots, a few see-through numbers and a hint of lingerie (lingerie is now my core preference).

Salon Kitty’s was an impressive space – that also housed a medical room, another dungeon, and two softer play spaces (still well kitted out with chains, paddles, rope, St Andrew’s Crosses, cages ++ [playground!]). But in this shoot, it’s not the star. I am.

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