FemDom Sub Girl Doubles

Femdom sub girl Dominatrix Escort Aria Luxe Mistress Eva

A sweet thank you from our darling auction winner, Servant A. You did beautifully sweet Servant!

“It was a night of many firsts for me; first time with a Mistress, first time in a dungeon, first time in a doubles session.

I have seen Aria before and any man will attest that she is out of this world, but I never knew of her to be a slave girl. Upon reading the Mistress’ description of how a session may proceed, I was instantly hooked and determined to experience this for myself.

Seeing Mistress Eva in person for the first time, I felt like a schoolboy in the principal’s office. There is an intimidating elegance about her as she towers over me in her heels and latex outfit. Her sultry voice commands obedience, yet there was a sense of playfulness in her stern demeanour.

She guides me through the dungeon, highlighting all the apparatus at play, a hint of what is to follow. We established our safe word but I was eager not to disappoint. Mistress proceeds to test my pain threshold, pushing further and further. A little bit more and I would have cracked, but Mistress must have read me well as she stops just before I yield. Aria was very much the pleasure after the pain, as Mistress commands her to attend to me and vice versa. I very much enjoyed being the real life dildo at her Mistress’ disposal.

This experience was everything I had hoped for and more. I cannot express my appreciation enough to Mistress Eva and Aria for guiding me through my first BDSM experience.

My fears have now been realised, I have tasted the dark side and now I want more…”

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