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slaveboysmith: She is elegant, sensual and completely irresistible. Today’s Feature Domme is the stunningly beautiful and seductive Mistress Eva, and you will fall deeply under her spell if you haven’t already. She is everything you could ever desire in a woman, and so much more. She is the woman you dream of when you are feeling your most submissive and vulnerable, and she is the kind of woman that can take your fantasies and fetishes to a level you can’t imagine. It was an absolute pleasure to enter Mistress Eva’s world and to conduct this interview with her. After reviewing her amazing website, I couldn’t wait to learn more about this exquisitely beautiful Goddess. Thank you Mistress for this glimpse into your erotic world of elite Femdom experiences we slaves have been dreaming of for a very long time.

slaveboysmith: Joining me today is a woman that truly needs no introduction. Whether you’ve seen her tweets, visited her extraordinary website or have had the ultimate privilege of serving her in person, today’s Feature Domme, Mistress Eva will have no doubt left you with a lasting impression. Welcome to DommeAddiction, Mistress, it is a pleasure and privilege to kneel before you.

Mistress Eva: It’s a pleasure to have you at My feet slave boy. Thank you for the beautiful introduction.

sbs: One befitting you, of course, Mistress. I had the distinct pleasure of posting a promotional review of your new website recently. How has the website been received, and are you pleased with how it has turned out?

ME: I am very pleased. I am impressed with how many slaves-in-training I have already collected; and I am even more impressed with how deeply they are getting into the site. As you know, it is a slave training site, with tasks, courses and a points earning system – mixed in with My photos, videos and thoughts on BDSM. It took a lot of experience and time to be able to put it together – but it seems that it has paid off well. My slaves seem to really uncover and understand who I am and what I want through My courses – and that is a very satisfying feeling. From here they are able to serve Me in exactly the ways I adore. All through a website, even whilst I sleep. It is fabulous.

sbs: I have no doubt you’ve left many men awake at night, unable to think of anything but you. You are a beautiful woman, that’s no secret. Does it still thrill you to have men desire you and ache to serve, or has it become routine and expected?

ME: Desire is a beautiful thing to be treasured and molded. But to Me it is also a simple byproduct of the whole story that is serving Me. I still very much adore the rush (and romance) of slave training. It is a really intimate affair to be able to dismantle another person and craft them into something that serves Me. With My personality and desires – I do not think that this will ever stop being a thrill. Also, every individual slave has their own nuances. There is always something new to be discovered, to be challenged, or to be shifted – this can never become routine if you are really paying attention to someone.

sbs: Beyond the obvious, can you outline some of the differences between training slaves online and having them at your mercy in your dungeon?

ME: To be honest, the more that I use online training – the more that I feel that they are not actually that different. There is a personal tactility that I lose – but I can always instruct you to do things to yourself on My behalf… The similarities that are emerging are that I am still able to make Myself clear, to instigate desire in you, and to be able to drift My way into your mind – whether you are in the grip of My hand or in the grip of My online commands. Online training is also becoming more and more important for Me. I recently went into semi-retirement and live quite isolated in a private jungle – so I only accept international sponsorship and sessions. My stable is largely all long distance with only three personal slaves on My island. Online training helps to deepen and maintain My relationships with even My dungeon and session slaves.

sbs: As exclusive and in demand as you are, what must all slaves reading this, dreaming of serving you, do to show they are sincere in their intent to become your slave?

ME: I’ve made it quite simple really. If you want to start serving Me now, join My site and do as I say on

sbs: Very much so, Mistress. What is next for you as you move towards world domination one slave at a time?

ME: I am very content at the moment actually. I am very lucky to have a ‘stable’ of international slaves who support My life and entertain Me. I have a good routine of enjoying My jungle for most of the month; and then being sponsored to a different country for a change of scene (and servitude) for a few days here and there. My online ‘slave farm’ grows by the day on my website – and there are lots of tasks for them to follow without Me needing to worry about them. Although if there is anything that I could be interested in from here, it would be to do more interviews like this and perhaps write a little more. I have realized that I quite enjoy sharing the ‘message’ of BDSM and My lifestyle. BDSM and the way that I live has been a godsend for Me; and if that story can be shared it has the potential to be both beneficial and entertaining.

sbs: Well I can say that it has been a pleasure, and privilege to interview you today Mistress. If I may ask you one final question it would be this…if we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you in your presence, how would it end?

ME: What a beautiful question slave boy… If you had given Me consent to touch you, I would love to lift your chin with My hand, and make you gaze into My eyes as I said, ‘You did well slave… Thank you so much for this time.’ I would then offer you My hand to kiss goodbye followed by the words, ‘you may stand up slave. you are now dismissed…and I look forward to seeing you, all over again…’ Thank you slave boy…

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