Mistress Review Dominatrix

Aside from My own slave Aria Luxe I do not get enough chances to play with new female submissives. This however was one of my recent chances – and I am so happy that W/we fit it in just before I had to head to the airport. Thank you for such a sweet time Murderess. We had small moments with rope, My violet wand, My hands and a few dildos. Just a taster indeed…:

Mistress Eva, the most amazing lady that I have met. Admittedly, this was my first experience with a Mistress, and being dominated. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but she made me feel as ease immediately. I loved that she had all of her ‘equipment’ on display. Got me rather excited, and curious as to what would be used on me. I was collared, blindfolded, and bound to a bed. Although i would have loved to have seen her, it added an extra bit of mystery and excitement to the experience – as I didn’t know what she was going to use on me next. She teased me “do you know what this is?” each time… haha. Completely new experience for me, and I loved it! I know now what I really enjoy, and what perhaps I don’t enjoy as much 😉 But, I would definitely recommend her to anyone else that is thinking of meeting Mistress Eva. This was just an introductory session, so I cannot imagine what a full session would be like with her. Ah, who knew that I would crave such an experience like this. Thank you Mistress

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