Chastity Training – 3 Day Beginners Course

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Chastity training holds a special in My heart. It began with an experiment in the lead up to sessions (a minimum period of 72 hours) and is now an integral part of My long term D/s relationships. It is only natural that it would become a training course here on

This is the first of a series of Chastity Training Courses that will add to the other slave training programs on My site. I have worked closely with a very talented curriculum and training specialist slave of Mine to bring out the very best from you through this program.

In this first 3 day course, you will get a good taste of what it is like to be in chastity for Me. I will take you through what it truly means and how to lock yourself in My honour. I will guide you on tasks over the days that you are locked; and you will send Me reports by filling out My short surveys. Plus more…

Why Chastity?

O/our sexuality can sometimes rule U/us. O/our decisions. O/our priorities. O/our actions, and their consequences. Over time and experience I have come to realise the depth of this statement; and how it can be used in the evolution and growing of My slaves – for My benefit.

W/we will use your chastity and W/we will use your sexuality to bring out the very best in you – for Me.

A Review

“While this was not the first time i have spent in chastity it was, by far, one of the most pleasant and intense experiences i can recall having.

From the moment the course began there was a wonderful focus on ritual. You made it clear what i was agreeing too, created a baseline of release habits, and set about a means of constant reminding that i was Your property and served You. All that before i even started the first day’s exercise.

The day and night rituals focused the mind while the emphasis of thanking You at each stage reaffirmed a sense that You were doing this to improve Your property and reminded me to be grateful for Your effort.

The tasks themselves were easy to complete but also good at focusing the mind in a direction You desired.

Day 2 was by far the most interesting as You took time to create a playful imagery designed to ramp up the desire in Your property. It was deliciously frustrating and yet made me ache to be at Your feet.

And the ritual of release tied everything together nicely. It provided a taste of what being in chastity for You entailed and the benefits of Your generosity. Enough to make me envious of those who serve You such on a more permanent basis.

What i liked most about this course is that it seemed to give a real taste for what service to You is like and what it would be to be a servant in Your world. Thank You, Mistress Eva.”

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