Award-winning International Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress Eva Oh began her classical training at the Salon Kitty’s dungeons in 2011. She now hosts highly reviewed BDSM sessions worldwide. Mistress Eva is a Sexual Freedom Award winner, the face of the 2022 German Fetish Ball; and an archive dedicated to her work is hosted at the UK Fetish Archive.

Based in London

7-13 February, Paris
19 February, Venice
21 February, Zurich
27 February-4 March, San Francisco
5-9 March, Los Angeles
12 March – 3 April, New York City
13-18 June, Basel
24 June-12 July, New York City
TBA Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong

I crave your surrender.

Dominance is my nature. This is not just a game. Your submission is what I adore and your surrender is my absolute craving. I am well suited to experienced players. However beginners who are ready to be led into genuine power exchange are very very welcome.

Our first D/s date is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I use this time to begin to discover you and to start to toy with your desires. I will indulge you in fantasy, but know that my greatest focus is to dance with your depths. I will guide us deeper each step of the way; and I crave your absolute surrender.

Note that I am a skilled physical player but that I am also a keen psychological one. Therefore, if you are interested in mental, verbal and emotional play we will get along. If you can take a taste of humiliation or more – I may not let you leave… Your service will be a contribution to my already full life. You will never be the only one who serves me. But to those who consistently strive for my energy, effort and attention – I am a consistently engaged, engaging and dedicated Mistress.

Intoxicating... I had no choice.
Being helpless beneath you was incredible.
Every gaze and action pulls you deeper into an abyss of sweet surrender and safety.
Mistress Eva lures desires out of your brain that you did not even know that you had.​
My life changed for the better. You are an amazing force.
The hardest thing I did that day was leave.


We will begin our time by going over your desires, limits and the safe word of the day. We may end with you gagging for more.

My interests are deep and diverse and they include anal play, beatings, biting, light to heavy bondage, caning, denial, edging, fisting, foot worship, golden showers, hoods, humiliation, overnight imprisonment, interrogation, JOI, mummification, nipple play, objectification, orgasm denial and control, protocol, service, spanking, spitting, tease, verbal humiliation and whipping.

From US$1000 / £800


Tea, Drinks, Dinner, Museums, Theatre, Shopping Trips, Fetish Events…

This could be a standalone opportunity to wine, dine, spoil or entertain me, or a chance for us to get to know each other more casually before a session. Or, as I am a great enthusiast of international fetish events and parties you are welcome to accompany me – with me as your guide or you as my accessory.

From US$350 / £300

Social + Session

ALL of the above.

From US$1350 / £1100

Femdom Sub Girl

Let me tease and torment you with my selection of Escort sub girls.

From US$2000 / £1600

Something Else?

I’m all ears…

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