A Gastronomical Experience (Or, the philosophy of My tribute rate)

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I have what is sometimes perceived as a high tribute rate, USD1000/hour.

This does shift (usually upwards according to net worth) when a sub serves me past their first few sessions but this is what I currently feel comfortable accepting at an initial stage.

This has now been the case for over a year and I am consistently fully booked each time I release any availability. But sometimes, just sometimes, little rumours/complaints/hissy fits hit my ears along the grapevine and I (very) momentarily reconsider whether My tribute is actually too high.

In short, it isn’t.

In fact My financial advisors advise that I raise it due to demand. Something I haven’t done, yet. But that is besides the point of this particular post.

Amidst the online rumours and complaints of individuals who will probably never actually come into My path anyway – I also stumbled upon the sweet words of a sub who has actually served Me. someone who I met in session but have since taken on as a trusted personal service slave. he never mentioned his post to Me. So sweet. I just stumbled upon them last night.

The words of his that I found quickly lifted any hesitance from My reality; and I felt compelled to share them. I believe it sums up a forward facing facet of the philosophy behind My tribute quite beautifully.

One thing is that I can’t say that the restaurant analogy is ideal for Me. However I understand that the way to speak to a Singaporean audience is through their stomach. What a smart and sharp little sub. Thank you gary.

Taken from a forum discussion responding to My tribute rates. This is gary’s response there:

To inject some credibility to the discussion here, I have not only sessioned with Ms Eva, but also engaged with her extensively on topics such as the variety of styles in the international scene, the psychological aspect of kink, and other philosophical discourse.

Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful and deeply skilled, she is also extraordinarily intelligent and well steeped in BDSM knowledge. Many reviews concur with this view.

That is not to say I’m not cognisant that everyone has different budgets and different needs. Some see no value in paying for food that costs more than their favourite $3.50 chicken rice; others enjoy the ambience and exquisite taste of fresh sashimi sufficiently to spend almost a hundred dollars for a meal at Ginza; and yet there are still those whom would save up for a gastronomical experience at the Fat Duck Restaurant in London, perhaps even paying for a sommelier to pair their courses with wine.

In short, a session with Ms Eva is definitely an experience very few can offer. However, whether it is something that suits what one is looking for is something we can’t determine for someone else.

We are fortunate now that there are a variety and range of experiences with different costs available. It’s up to us individually to determine what we want.

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